We promote the German education system on a global stage, in order to make it more accessible and better known. As a non-profit organisation we stand for German and international recognized values like integrity, honesty, transparency and reliability. 

We profit from 20 years of experience at different education levels, from language courses to further education programs for administrative and management courses and at Universities from Bachelor to Master and PhD-courses.

The versatile expertise of BSK International is highly sought-after by Universities, governmental and semi-governmental departments, education consultants, as well as language schools and training providers.

All our operation are conducted in accordance with the regulations of the respective German Embassies and German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). 

Within our dense network we cooperate with public Universities, accreditation agencies, qualified interpreters, lecturers and other experts. By connecting the dots and making use of these resources we help to promote an international education cooperation.

Our stakeholders entrust BSK International to develop, plan and implement educational projects together.

Together with our stakeholders from science and education, we work on flexible and result-orientated solutions, which provide Universities, lecturers and students with a future perspective which will enhance their working-, studying- and teaching environment.