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Immigration Germany

Your benefits

  • No risk: You pay only when the work contract and the permission to stay has been settled successfully. We pay upfront for you.
  • No hidden costs: Only 35% of the first year's annual salary.
  • Permanent residence permit for Germany and Europe for you and your family.
  • No previous German language proficiency needed – we arrange German language courses in your country and in Germany.
  • High salaries: EUR 40,560 on average annually  
  • No discrimination: Foreign professionals enjoy the same salary, social welfare, benefits and rights.  
  • Wide eligibility: Vocational certificates (non-academic) and academic degrees.
  • Well-paid jobs in engineering, IT, finance, health care, construction, retail, hospitality
  • Reputable employers

Why Germany?

  • Strong economy
  • Highly-paid jobs and a safe environment 
  • Relaxed immigration rules with low language requirements 

Relaxed rules

Germany's New Skilled Immigration Act came into effect on March 1, 2020. Since then, Germany has officially opened the door for skilled labour from foreign countries.

The New Skilled Immigration Act has relaxed the rules and those who have obtained a bachelor’s degree, a diploma and vocational certificate from a higher vocational institute, secondary vocational institute, or technical institute outside Germany are eligible to apply as skilled immigrants.

Applicants who obtain a work contract or a job invitation can apply for a work visa valid for four years. This can be changed to a permanent residence permit after four years. The provisions in the New Skilled Immigration Act provide the greatest possibility for qualified foreign nationals to apply as a skilled immigrant in Germany.

Reasons for immigration to Germany

Germany offers the following advantages:

1. Germany is a developed country bolstered by the real economy and the manufacturing industry. The country is therefore able to provide a sufficient number of job opportunities for foreign skilled immigrants.

2. Germany ’s vocational education occupies a leading position in the world, and its dual vocational education system has a broad and lasting impact in Asia, including Greater China. In many countries, dual vocational education has been largely localized. Therefore, the technical and skilled personnel in this region are very suitable and cater to the needs and requirements of German employers.

3. The salary, working conditions and welfare offered by German companies are at a high level in the EU. There is no discrimination. International professionals enjoy the same salaries, rights and welfare conditions as German nationals.

4. German language requirements are relatively low.

Residence Permits

  • Residence permits can be obtained after only 4 years
  • Valid for your spouse and children
  • Valid all over Europe

Applicants who obtain a work contract or a job invitation can apply for a work visa valid for four years. This can be changed to a permanent residence permit after four years.

Work visas and residence permits are also valid for the client’s spouse and children. (dependent visa).

Work visas and residence permits give you and your family the right to :

  • enter at any time (multiple entry)  
  • travel freely  
  • stay and
  • work

in Germany and all EU-member states. They also give you the right to enter Switzerland and Lichtenstein. A German residence permit also provides you with several advantages when applying for a visa to the USA, Japan, Canada, Australia or the UK.  

Immigration Procedure

  • Straightforward and time-efficient
  • Visa, Language, Employer, Residence Permit: We arrange everything for you

In the past two decades, BSK International has effectively implemented a series of international cooperation projects in Asia. These are aimed at cultivating students and talents directly or indirectly serving Germany’s manufacturing industry. These projects, and the various forms of operating systems for the above purpose, provide a solid foundation for BSK International to implement the New Skilled Immigration Act project.

The projects of the New Skilled Immigration Act provide our partners with new opportunities:

(I) The department "BSK Department for Skilled Immigration to Germany” of BSK International specialising in skilled immigration to Germany welcomes education institutions and immigration agencies in Asia to join us.

(II) We will provide partners who intend to apply as a skilled immigrant with a reliable handling system within the framework of the New Skilled Immigration Act, and the following standard procedures:

1. Case evaluation and design for skilled immigrants
2. Assessment of academic qualifications and skills certificates
3. Signing of skilled immigration contracts
4. Procedures for acquiring the relevant German language skills
5. Visas
6. Employment arrangements
7. Applying for a permanent residence permit

The above content will provide a convincing, reliable, professional and specialised supportive and guaranteed system for skilled immigration to Germany at home and abroad.


  • Low language requirements
  • We arrange all German language courses in your home country and in Germany for you  

Australia and Canada require IELTS Band 6 to 6.5 for skilled immigrants; Germany requires European standard B1 German level, which is nearly equivalent to English IELTS Band 5 to 5.5. This means the vast majority of applicants can achieve the proficiency required through effective learning.

BSK will offer German language training courses in Bonn, Germany, as well as through an online learning system. It will provide skilled immigrants with access to A1, A2 to B1 German courses.

The language training arrangements will be tailored to the clients requirements. This has  proven effective for many years in practice. Many successful cases in international projects implemented by BSK, have shown that any candidate with zero-German knowledge can conquer the barrier, as long as he/she complies with the "Procedures for Solving German Problems" and makes the necessary effort.

Fees & Deposit

No risk for you

We will apply the “We deliver first, you pay later” approach to clients in the pilot phase:

All costs incurred in the entire procedure will be fully paid by BSK on the client’s behalf. The client will pay later, and only when all services have been delivered.

We will pay on your behalf:

1.1. Tickets for international flights to and from Germany incurred during the process.
1.2. German language training fees.
1.3. Documents, notary fee, translation fee, postage fee.
1.4. Certification fees for certificates in Germany.
1.5. Expenses incurred in arranging employment.
1.6. Expenses incurred for handling the permanent residence permit.

1.7. Fees for first-time visa and extension in Germany.
1.8. Transportation expenses and accommodation expenses incurred in applying for the first visa with the German Embassy or Consulate General in the home country of the applicant.
1.9.The client must pay back the advance payment by BSK International after the project has been successfully finished. 

1.10. Not covered: The advance payment does not cover the client's living expenses in Germany and any other expenses not included in the above procedures.

1.11. The prerequisite for the above fees being paid by BSK on the client’s behalf, is that the client must deposit the fees in a German bank. The account will be frozen and supervised by a German lawyer before the successful completion of the procedure. 

For the pilot project, the total fee to be deposited is EUR 39.000, this includes 19% German VAT.

Payment and refund

1. Successful completion 

Once the client is employed and obtains the work visa according to the provisions of the contract, it is defined as “a successful completion”.

The fees due will be collected in two instalments:

1. Instalment: 30% of the first year's annual gross salary of the work contract, upon the signing of the work contract.

2.Instalment: 5% of the first year's annual gross salary of the work contract, upon obtaining the permanent residence permit.

The permanent residence procedure is a follow-up matter that will be handled by BSK after the work visa has been secured.


The project requires a deposit by a German bank in an escrow account, and supervised by a German law firm. The deposit will be frozen during the process and cannot be obtained either by the client, or by BSK International.

The deposit is 39,000 Euro.

2. Failed completion and full refund

If BSK fails to arrange employment for the client and to secure a work visa under the provisions of the project scheme, the contract is defined as “a failed completion".

In this case, the amount of money entrusted by the client at the German bank will be refunded in full to the client.

3. Default and contractual penalty

If no force majeure, defined in the relevant legal text of this project, occurs, any interrupting or withdrawing from the procedure shall be regarded as a breach of contract by the client. The default client has to pay the service fees deposited in the German bank in full as a penalty. The deposit will be released through a legal procedure and transferred to BSK International.

After the project is successfully completed, BSK and the client will settle the fees paid by BSK and the service fee (35% of the first year's annual salary).

Any excess payment (service fee and fees paid upfront are less than the deposit) will be refunded to the client.

Any underpaid fees (service fee and fees paid upfront are higher than the deposit) shall be paid to BSK.

Universities and their graduates enjoy the same benefits. Service fees, the principle of advance payment by BSK, and the actual settlement and return of the payment remain unchanged.

4. Definition of force majeure and handling expenses:

1. The scope of causes of force majeure is in accordance with international practice and civil law.

2. Accidental death or the level of disability identified by a German hospital directly resulting in the cancellation of the project, is included in the scope of force majeure for immigration projects. 

3. According to the scope of force majeure, exemption or delayed performance shall be distinguished. Three types of fee processing methods including full refund, partial refund or delayed performance shall be applied.

Dispute Settlement

Disputes in Germany will be held in German courts through civil lawsuits. The court's decision shall prevail, and the costs of litigation shall be borne by the losing party.

The legal rights and interests of all parties are protected by the maintenance of contract spirit and by the law. 

1. Being aware of all information is a prerequisite for participation.

2. The partners and parties involved must fully understand the project, read the relevant documents and materials in detail, and be fully informed.

3. Before the client signs the formal contract, a cooling-off period of up to two weeks between the registration and contract signing shall be given. After that period, a formal contract can only be signed if the client has signed the "Declaration of Informed Consent". 

We suggest that all contract texts and related legal documents should be reviewed, witnessed and confirmed by the legal department or lawyer of the relevant party before they can become valid.

a) The contract and related legal documents that have been formally signed, and have legal effect, are the sole basis for the handling process and approach.

b) The implementation of each procedure in the framework shall be subject to the implementation of rules stipulated in each procedure, and the completed procedures must be completed with a formality.

c) Any case that requires adjustment of the implementation rules, due to special circumstances, must be agreed upon by both the implementer and the parties. The adjustment reasons and the process operations must be documented separately. The adjustment and implementation can only be implemented after both parties have signed and completed the filing procedures. If any party's request is not accepted by the other party, the original implementation rules shall be applied.

d) The arbitration institution or the court where the dispute will be heard and the immigration service must be specified in the relevant documents or terms.

The above principles and focal points will be specified by a detailed and operable contract with legal effect, in order to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the parties.

Salary & Jobs

  • High salaries
  • Attractive jobs in IT, engineering, healthcare or retail
  • Reputable employers

Germany has a strong economy and occupies a leading position in the manufacturing sector. There are, therefore, many opportunities for immigrants.  

If you favour another profession than those listed down below, please kindly contact us for any tailor-made solution.

List of professions for German labour skilled immigration

No.ProfessionAverage monthly income(Euro)
1Master Gardener - Gardening and landscaping2103€ - 3125€
2Master Gardener - Flower growing2498€ - 3773€
3Plant Technician2168€ - 3068€
4Building Materials' Technician - Stone2587€ - 3877€
5Building Materials' Technician - Concrete2605€ - 3669€
6Building Materials' Technician - Plasterboard or Fiber cement2605€ - 3554€
7Building Materials' Technician - Sand-lime bricks or the aerated concrete2605€ - 3677€
8Building Materials' Technician - Precast concrete products2366€ - 4850€
9Building Materials' Technician - Asphalt technology2605€ - 3554€
10Asphalt Technician2290€ - 3301€
11Building Materials' Technician - Precast concrete3344€ - 4655€
12Building Materials' Technician - Stone manufacture1633€ - 3050€
13Bricklaying Technician2343€ - 3111€
14Roof Technician1935€ - 3779€
15Master Roofer2248€ - 3125€
16Master Technician - Roof, wall and sealing technology2046€ - 4467€
17Scaffolder2925€ - 8650€
18Scaffolding Column Leader2452€ - 4028€
19Brick and Concrete Technician2343€ - 3111€
20Interior Decorator2086€ - 3056€
21Floor Layer1996€ - 2834€
22Parquet Layer1996€ - 2834€
23Tile, Pate and Mosaic Layer2082€ - 3565€
24Glazier2417€ - 4734€
25Fountain Building Technician1680€ - 3658€
26Master Builder of Fountain3940€ - 4320€
27Polisher2929€ - 4435€
28Polisher - Building construction2688€ - 3978€
29Factory Polisher2294€ -5201€
30Factory Polisher - Building operations2590€ - 3978€
31Factory Polisher - Expansion2179€ - 4070€
32Factory Polisher - Civil engineering2516€ - 4022€
33Polisher - Civil engineering2516€ - 4101€
34Fine Polisher2563€ - 5809€
35Pre-Polisher - jewelry and small appliance manufacturing2016€ - 3041€
36Technician - plastic / rubber technology (molded parts)1726€ - 3837€
37Technician - plastic / rubber technology (plastic window)2067€ - 3676€
38Technician - plastic / rubber technology (fiber processing (bundle technology)2312€ - 4052€
39Carpenter1933€ - 2615€
40Carpentry Technician1933€ - 2615€
41Carpentry Technician - Interior fittings and Components2929€ - 4337€
42Carpentry Technician - Furniture u. Interior fittings2819€ - 4011€
43Carpentry Technician - manufacture of building elements, wooden packaging a.Frame2819€ - 4011€
44Technician - Wood technology2752€ - 3658€
45Master Carpenter3134€ - 3919€
46Specialist Construction Manager - Carpentry3124€ - 4785€
47Metal Technician - construction technology2073€ - 2894€
48Master Technician for metal technology - construction technology2079€ - 2895€
49Technician - metal construction technology (without focus)2177€ - 3778€
50Technician - metal construction technology (light metal construction)2060€ - 3194€
51Technician - metal construction technology (steel construction)2250€ - 3871€
52Technician - metal construction technology (building technology)2112€ - 3177€
53Metal worker - Metal design2148€ - 2712€
54Foundry Mechanic or Engineer1806€ - 4426€
55Technician - Stamping and forming2490€ - 3731€
56Technician - Metal forming and wire technology2416€ – 3613€
57Technician - Metal processing2385€ – 3501€
58Container and Apparatus Builder2610€ – 3588€
59Precision Tool Mechanic - Cutting tools2679€ – 3659€
60Precision Tool Mechanic - Machining tools3356€ – 7865€
61Civil Engineering Technician4358€ – 5818€
62Civil Engineering Technician - Road Construction Project3641€ – 5141€
63Civil Engineering Technician - Track Construction1711€ – 3227€
64Civil Engineering Technician - well and special civil engineering1711€ – 3227€
65Civil Engineering Technician - sewer construction1711€ – 3227€
66Civil Engineering Technician - pipeline construction engineer4358€ – 5818€
67Master Technician for Road Building3458€ – 4900€
68Canal Building Technician2516€ – 4101€
69Track Building Technician1668€ – 3577€
70Railway Technician - operations service - engine driver and transport2387€ – 3472€
71Industrial Master Technician- track construction3194€ – 5005€
72Industrial Master Technician - insulation3117€ – 4754€
73Industrial Master Technician - Acoustic and drywall1935€ – 2715€
74Plumber1755€ – 3622€
75Pipeline Builder/Master Technician/Engineer2929€ – 6408€
76Master Plumber2514€ - 3619€
77Master Plumber and Heating Engineer2337€ - 3311€
78Plant Mechanic - sanitary, heating and air conditioning technology2092€ - 2930€
No.ProfessionAverage monthly income(Euro)
79Operations Manager - Sanitary and heating technology2235€ - 3330€
80Technician - Sanitary engineering2251€ - 3258€
81Technician - heating, ventilation, air conditioning technology2726€ - 3871€
82Furnace and air heating engineer2110€ - 3766€
83Master Technician of heat, cold and noise insulation2628€ - 4368€
84Master Technician of Refrigeration Equipment3602€ - 5180€
85Master furnace and air heating engineer2110€ - 3766€
86Master Technician of Machinery2438€ - 3662€
87Construction Mechanic2168€ - 3194€
88Technician - machine technology (machining technology)2494€ - 3546€
89Technician - CNC / NC application2177€ - 3435€
90Hydraulic Engineer2925€ - 8650€
91Master Technician of Roller shutter and sun protection mechatronics2005€ - 3226€
92Roller shutter and sun protection technician1945€ - 3942€
93Master Technician of Automotive Repairing2350€ - 3355€
94Automotive mechatronics technician - Passenger vehicle technology1686€ - 2441€
95Body and vehicle construction mechanic - Vehicle body maintenance2126€ - 2872€
96Automotive mechatronics engineer - Commercial vehicle technology1884€ - 2547€
97Automotive mechatronics technician - Vehicle body technology1852€ - 2441€
98Automotive mechatronics technician - System and high-voltage technology1872€ - 2511€
99Body and vehicle construction mechanic - Vehicle body / vehicle construction.2101€ - 2929€
100Specialist - innovative vehicle preparation2383€ - 3548€
101Metal worker in commercial vehicle construction2142€ - 2712€
102Vehicle body and vehicle builder2170€ - 2835€
103Master automotive technician2467€ - 3290€
104Operations Manager - automotive engineering1872€ - 2539€
105Master Technician of Mechatronics2278€ - 3165€
106Technical Assistant - Mechatronics2191€ - 3006€
107Mechatronics Engineer - refrigeration technology2586€ - 4226€
108Master Technician of Vending Machine - vending machine mechatronics1681€ - 2817€
109Electronics Technician - automation technology (trade or industry)2635€ - 4428€
110Industrial Engineer3854€ - 6613€
111Technician - Electrical engineering (automation technology)3414€ - 4935€
112Electrical Fitter1700€ - 2300€
113Electrician2234€ - 3661€
114Industrial Electrician2052€ - 4139€
115Industrial Electrician - industrial engineering2968€ - 5887€
116Industrial Master Technician - electrical engineering2984€ - 4839€
117Electronics Technician - energy and building technology2073€ - 2738€
118Electronics Technician - building and infrastructure systems2302€ - 3475€
119Electronics Technician - machines and drive technology2374€ - 3283€
120Electronics Technician - industrial engineering2319€ - 3159€
121Electronics Technician (craft)2177€ - 3602€
122Master Technician of Electrical Technology2929€ - 4197€
123Electronics Technician - Information and telecommunications technology2929€ - 4313€
124Electronics technician - information and system technology2461€ - 4052€
125Information electronics technician2129€ - 2969€
126Master Technician of Information Technology3077€ - 4642€
127Master Technician of IT system electronics2167€ - 3012€
128IT solution developer3774€ - 5659€
129Network technician3377€ - 4575€
130Podiatrist1884€ - 2592€
131Healthcare and children's nurses2376€ - 3142€
132Healthcare worker and nurse2376€ - 3142€
133Specialist nurse3084€ - 3923€
134Specialist nurse - emergency care3084€ - 3925€
135Specialist nurse - intensive care / anesthesia3370€ - 6503€
136Specialist nurse - clinical geriatrics2505€ - 3399€
137Specialist nurse - nephrology3084€ - 3987€
138Specialist nurse - oncology3084€ - 3925€
139Specialist nurse - operation / endoscopy service3084€ - 3923€
140Specialist nurse - palliative and hospice care2877€ - 3891€
141Specialist nurse - psychiatry3009€ - 5242€
142Specialist nurse - rehabilitation / long-term care2877€ - 3987€
143Anesthesia assistant2975€ - 3680€
144Surgical employee2215€ - 3677€
145Surgical assistant2929€ - 3680€
146Midwife / maternity nurse2797€ - 3527€
147Speech therapist1958€ - 2581€
148Breathing, speech and voice teacher2709€ - 4839€
149Personal Care and Services188€- 2614€
150Specialist geriatric nurse - clinical geriatrics / rehabilitation2516€ - 3531
151Specialist nurses - Palliative and hospice care2516€ - 3531€
152Specialist nurses - psychiatry2827€ - 4755€
153Orthopedic Technician2966€ - 6000€
154Master Technician of Agricultural and Construction Mechatronics2048€ - 3412€
155Boat builder - new construction, expansion and conversion2806€ - 4945€
156Professional driver1719€ - 2371€

Looking for another profession?

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