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German language course for medical professions

No tuition fees

You are an international medical professional with German proficiency B1, you are seeking a highly qualified medical position and you want to increase your job chances by attending a 6 weeks language course?  

Apply now for our free of charge German language course in Bonn for international medical professionals!

» Free German language course

The free of charge German language course consist of medical trade terms and general linguistic skills. All our teachers are German native speakers, in order to accelerate your learning progress.  

Our language courses are conducted in small groups. We use state-of-the-art hybrid teachings solutions (online and classroom teaching possible).  Hence, our courses are fully flexible, even in during a lockdown. You can join our courses from everywhere online.

The language course starts every month and last 6 weeks (180 lesson). Its located conveniently next to the Posttower in Bonn.

Course contents

  • Hospital admission – conversation with the patient
  • Protocol and documentation
  • Gather information about medical procedures and medical products
  • Report factually
  • Have (difficult) conversations
  • Make a recommendation
  • Describe simple and complex medical processes
  • Agree on tasks (teamwork training)
  • Differentiate job profiles


  • Free of charge
  • German language course for international medical professionals
  • Only German native speakers as teachers
  • Entrance requirement German B1
  • Monthly intakes
  • Highly digitalized and hybrid teaching (study from everywhere)
  • Next to the Posttower in Bonn


1st Week: Conversation

  • Expectation for daily work
  • Admit parients, reand and understand questionaires, talk and lead during the hospital admission process
  • Deal with different people (dementia, confession, biografics, etc.)
  • Provide objective and precise information about a patient
  • Patients decree

2nd week: Medical procedures and trade terms

  • Vocabulary: Sickbed, ambulance, foster home, medical equipment
  • Medical procedure 1 (simple process description)
  • Medical procedure 2 (complex process description; surgery)
  • Provide accurate information to the patient´s relatives

3rd week: Wound care and documentation

  • Caring for wounds (pressure sores, wound pain)
  • Wound documentation
  • Work hygienic

4th week: Teamwork

  • Duty schedule, telephoning, writing emails, complaints, employee appraisals
  • New admission and handovers
  • Caregiving documentation

5th week: Caring for physically and mentally challenged patients ("AEDL")

  • Activities and existential experiences of life (caring for physically and mentally challenged patients ("AEDL"), body hygiene, nutrition, motoric skills, vital functions)   

6th week: My new work place

  • My new workplace (hospital, care giving unit)
  • Workplace safety
  • Create a portfolio


International medical professionals with German proficiency B1, who are seeking highly qualified medical positions (hospital, clinic, care giving units, ambulant care giving, laboratory, etc,) and who want to enhance their German language skills. Participants should reside in Bonn, Cologne or Rhein-Sieg Area.

» Free German language course

Entrance requirements

German B1.
We will make an assessment test prior to the course, in order to check the existing language skills and the needs of each student.

Duration of the course

6 weeks.
The entire course includes 180 lessons, with 45 minutes each. There will be six lessons per day.


Intakes are on the 1st monday of each month


Language certificiate issued by BSK International. 
This high value certificate will increase your job chances.

No tuition fee

The course is free of charge for you.

Your tuition fees will be paid by the Jobcentre or the Agency for Employment (“Bundesarbeitsagentur”) on your behalf, within the governmental program of Education Voucher („Bildungsgutschein”) or Activation and Placement Voucher („Aktivierungs- und Vermittlungsgutschein / AVGS“).
We will take care of all the paperwork for you free of charge!


Fritz-Erler-Str. 32-34
53113 Bonn

The language course takes places next door to the Posttower in Bonn, in a safe and well-groomed neighborhood, which is well connected by public transport.

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Tel:  030 – 275 89 223


Fritz-Erler-Str. 32-34 in 53113 Bonn, Germany