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International Education in Coronatimes

No interruptions - All projects will be executed

International academic education projects

International academic education project in a German public University

German public University(Stefan Floss)



Due to the COVID19 pandemic, BSK International made some necessary adjustments to their education exchange and cooperation activities. 

Since projects that require personnel cross-border exchanges have to be postponed for the time being, we continue with our projects with the help of ZOOM (Videocalls) wherever possible. It goes without saying, that BSK International was and is fully functioning, even during Coronatimes. 

For all our activities that can be implemented online, we will use ZOOM.  

Online academic exchanges and training activities   

We will mobilize well-known scholars, experts and professors from German universities and experts and scholars from universities abroad to carry out online academic exchanges and training projects. 

It is planned to offer online academic lectures on several topics starting in June 2020. 

As always, we will equip this activity with an experienced translation team, in order to ensure the precise interpretation and to ensure that scholars on both sides can interact in real time, fluently and effective. 


Online Language courses 

Students – either being abroad or in Germany – can attend our language courses online. Tuition materials will be given out as e-books. The assessment test on the first day of the course will also be conducted online. 

Once the student has reached Germany, he or she can easily switch from online-courses to face-to-face courses in Bonn. 

No additional fees will arise for the online course. All courses, online and offline, will be conducted by well-experienced, native speakers only, thus ensuring then high quality of all courses.  

Enroll here for our online language courses. 

Working together in times of the epidemic 

During the epidemic, we and our partner institutions mainly establish office mechanisms through ZOOM. 

Through ZOOM, we can stay in close touch with our partners by video calls, which provide a more lively interaction than by phone or e-mail. 

Of course, our standard means of communication (phone, e-mail, post) are remaining functional.


Labor immigration 

Germany´new immigration law came into effect on March 1, 2020. According to the provisions of the law, the channels for young graduates to take up employment in Germany has been opened up. If you are interested in working in Germany, please get in touch with us. 

International student education cooperation projects

All our international student education cooperation projects will remain in place. Among others, these include "German-International universities cooperation in the training of German engineers", "German-International universities exchange students project" or "German-International universities in cooperation in the cultivation of hotel management". 

We estimate that Germany will re-open to its borders for international students and scientist soon.