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Dual study courses

Study and work - no tuition fees - high salary

Dual Study in Germany for international students: Academic degree and high salary (Picture: Stefan Floss / BA Sachsen)

International students in Germany can enroll into dual study courses now (Picture: THD)

Library in a German University. International students can enroll into dual programs now. (Picture: THD)

Dual study courses in Germany are available to international students now (Picture: THD)

Thanks to various changes in immigration laws and a more open attitude amoung businesses, dual study programs in Germany are now available for international students. 

Formerly, dual study programs were only avaible to German students. Recently this has changed, and international students from outside the European Union can enroll in these dual study programs. 

Dual study (“Duales Studium”) is an academic program, in which a University jointly together with a company educates students. 

It leads to a skilled qualification and to an academic degree at the same time. 

It allows students to learn in a company and study in an University at the same time. Graduates will earn an academic degree (Bachelor- or Master degree), and a certificate from their employer simultaneously. Dual-Bachelor courses last for 3,5 years. 

Successful graduates can continue with a Masterprogram, and even can pursue a Ph.D. later on. They can also take up full-time employment.

Students will receive a subsidy (currently approx. EUR 400 – 1,800 per month). Moreover, most of the companies will grant additional benefits to their students, e.g. free accommodation, free meals, Christmas and holiday bonus payments or social insurance.  

Enroll now, and earn an academic degree and working experience simultaneously! 

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