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BSK International

BSK International is an international educational organisation based in Berlin, Germany.

Since 2000 we have been conducting academic educational projects at government-funded Universities.  

We work with public Universities, Universities of Applied Science, and other educational organisations,  as well as governmental departments, all over Germany.

In addition we run education projects in India, Indonesia, China and the Philippines. Our success is due to our rich expertise in planning, designing and implementing education programs, as well as from our local knowledge.

BSK International draws on a wealth of international experience: 

  • Official partner of German Development Cooperation (Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit / GIZ) – various education projects supported by international stake holders and the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)
  • Full member of Munich University Society - the promoting body of Munich University (LMU)
  • Governmental Projects – we are a highly sought-after partner for governmental and semi-governmental departments. We win tenders on a regularly base, because we create value for our partners and stakeholders. We always ensure that all our educational projects run efficiently.     
  • Powerful Alliances – we are a member of various education alliances. We involve our stakeholders in those alliances to facilitate an exchange of ideas, knowledge and expertise between our partners and students.
  • Network of experts – In more complicated cases we rely on a globally, well-established and experienced network of experts and specialists, incl. interpreters, lecturers, accreditation agencies, public notaries, lawyers and banks. 
  • Based in Germany – which is home to over 370 public Universities. Germany is a safe and politically stable jurisdiction, with a sound legal system and a strong economy. 
  • Under German management – honest, precise, reliable, experienced and with the highest standards of integrity.    
  • For non-profit - BSK International is a non-profit organisation and is registered at the local court in the Charlottenburg district of Berlin, (Germany). The registration number  is HRB 122807 B and BSK is listed at the tax authority for corporate enterprises with the tax I.D.  27/611/03249.

Code of Conduct

§ 1 Objectives
We commit our self to outstanding quality education and research projects on a national and international scale. We mainly operate on the academic level of German public Universities and Institutions of higher learning.  

§ 2 Core Values
Fidelity, reliability and transparency are our core values and do apply to all of our projects.

§ 3 Internationality
We dedicate our self to trans-bordering education and research as well as the international exchange. Pupils, students and young scientists are one of the best qualified groups to achieve these aims. 

§ 4 Social Relevance
We firmly believe that education, a vital research environment and constant development are one of the key factors for affluence, development, social stability, civilized societies and peaceful coexistence of all kind of people and cultures in the 21st century.

§ 5 Personality Development
The personal dedication of each student combined with the support and resources of the global university and scientific landscape can form each young person into a successful and strong personality.  

§ 6 Sustainability
We welcome state-of-the-art technologies, modern problem solving solutions, and innovative ideas. Meanwhile, we do care about sustainability and operate in an environmentally and resource friendly way. We understand that it is our duty to protect the environment for further generations.

§ 7 Tolerance
We respect and accept the different laws, rules, customs, religions, cultures and manners of other countries and regions. 

§ 8 Non-Profit Status and welfare to the public
We are a non-profit organization. Therefore we pursuit only purposes which are in the favour of the public. In case our corporation should be dissolved, the capital will be assigned to University of Heidelberg, No. 1 Grabengasse, Heidelberg, Germany, ZIP-Code: 69117, Tax ID: DE 811225433. University of Heidelberg is obliged to use the capital for non-profit purposes only.