University Placement for international students from non-German speaking countries

It is challenging to get into a German public University if you hail from a non-German speaking country. BSK International will help international students to overcome these barriers. 

We guarantee that you get placed in at least one or more public Universities. 

BSK International has a specially designed system for international students from non-German speaking countries to enter German public Universities. This multi-part system will last for three to five years and starts in the country of origin of the student and goes until his or her graduation in Germany.

1. Selection Process

  • Assessment Process (international phone interview, or document-based)
  • Verification of study seats available according to the students previous academic achievements
  • Distribution of study seats at ten public German Universities
  • Guarantee to get placed at least in one or more public Universities

2. Pre-Arrival Support

  • Documentation for visa application
  • Documentation for German Academic Evaluation Centre (“APS”), if applicable 
  • Documentation for Block account opening (Deutsche Bank)
  • Arrangement and Reservation for a language course (24 weeks)
  • Assistance for purchasing mandatory insurance coverage 
  • Proper accommodation, incl. needed documentation

3. Accommodation-, Student-, and Relocation handling

  • Arrangement of Airport pick-up
  • Police Registration
  • Student Bank Account Opening (Deutsche Bank)
  • Visa Extension
  • Working permit for legally employment for student´s part-time jobs
  • English speaking Hotline for support of students daily issues and problems, daily 7.00 a.m. till 9 p.m.
  • Assistances with customs declaration and clearing of the personal belongings of the student, if needed

4. German language course

  • German language course for 24 weeks with 20 lessons per week (480 lessons)
  • Incl. all Tuition materials
  • Incl. all certificates

5. Public University Language Course or Freshmen Course (“Studienkolleg”)

  • Admission Letter for Bachelor- or Mastercourse, or
  • Invitation Letter for the entrance test for a Freshmen Course (“Studienkolleg”)
  • Finding proper accommodation at the place of study

6. Post-Graduation Procedures / Employment

  • “Blue-Card” (staying and working permission valid in Germany and the entire European Union) for international graduates
  • Forwarding and recommendation of CV and other job hunting materials to future employers