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Academic Exchange Project for Chinese University Teachers

Learning from the Bavarian Modell 

Group picture on the campus

Group picture on the campus

Academic lecture

Lively discussion during the academic lectures and exchanges

Dr. Moser, Mayor of the city of Deggendorf

Opening and welcome ceremony for Chinese professors at UAS Deggendorf

Prof. Berg, Vice-President of UAS Deggendorf

Prof. Hoepfl, former President of UAS Deggendorf

More than 100 Chinese University teachers have started their academic exchange project in University of Applied Science Deggendorf.

For one month of time the participants will learn about the German education system, as well as subject-related technical content. To round up those first-hand experiences, the teachers will also inspect small and medium sized businesses - often referred as “hidden champions”, thanks to their leading position in certain niche markets. The participants will also visit large global corporations, such as BMW or Munich International Airport. 

The Chinese Teachers felt highly estimated and got a warm welcome not only the from the Vice-President and the former President of University of Applied Science Deggendorf, but also from the Mayor of the city of Deggendorf. 

The Academic Exchange Project for Chinese University Teachers is it´s 7th year now and got widely attention by other German Universities. The Exchange Project is also widely covered by the Press every year. 

Deggendorf is located in the Munich Greater Area in Bavaria – which is Germany´s biggest, richest and most developed federal state. Bavaria is home to global brands such as BMW or Siemens, and also to world-renowned Universities like TU Munich or LMU Munich University.  

This Academic Exchange Project shows the close ties between Germany and China and is one of the contributions of BSK International to make the German education system better know and better accessible for international Universities, Scholars and Students.