Bonn Office

BSK International opens Bonn office 

BSK International Bonn Office

Thanks to the rapid growth in recent years, BSK International has newly established a second office in Bonn, Germany´s former capital. The Bonn office of BSK International is located in the building of IFS Institute, one of the leading languages schools in Germany and a trusted long haul partner of BSK International. 

The Bonn office, in a fully refurnished building with more than 20 rooms, offers sufficient space for meetings and conferences, as well as for teaching and seminars. It is strategically located close to Embassies and International Organizations, just opposite of Post Tower, which is Bonn´s landmark. 

The moves makes BSK International even better approachable for international partner Universities, scholars, students and skilled workers, seeking employment in Germany. Bonn is only a 90-minute drive from Frankfurt International Airport. 

Being the former capital, Bonn still is a major hub for education, science and international cooperation. The Bonn Office of BSK International also gives the advantage of being closer to Universities and international organizations, like University Bonn, German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), University Rector´s Conference (HRK), German Development Cooporation (GIZ), UNESCO or the United Nations Institutions (UN). 

The Headquarter of BSK International will remain in Berlin. 

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