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Huizhou University in Berlin 

Exchange of Students and Scholars  - Frame Agreement with the Education Bureau

Prof. Liu Guodong, Vice-President of Huizhou University in BSK International`s Berlin Headquarter

Huizhou University in BSK International`s Berlin Headquarter

Visit to Humboldt University Berlin


A high-ranking delegation from Huizhou University (PR China) visited BSK International´s headquarter in Berlin on June 11th, 2019. The delegation was led by the Vice-President Prof. Liu Guodong. 

During the official reception, both sides discussed how academic exchanges of Students and Scholars can be even more intensified in the future. 

So far, Huizhou University has sent 20 Scholars and 6 Exchange Students into the programs of BSK International already. Thus making it one of the most active Universities involved in Sino-German academic partnerships in the city of Huizhou, Guangdong Province.  

In 2017 BSK International has signed an agreement with the Education Bureau of Huizhou City, building the frame for the cooperation BSK International and Huizhou University.