First steps in Germany 

Student’s arrival process in Bonn streamlined

[Translate to Chinesisch:] Airport Pick-up in Frankfurt International Airport

[Translate to Chinesisch:] Student's get together in Bonn with Ms. Zhao-Juelsch

[Translate to Chinesisch:] Student with landlord in Bonn

[Translate to Chinesisch:] In front of the IFS-Institute in Bonn

It’s the first step into a new chapter of their lives – the first arrival of international students in Germany. For most of them, it’s their very first time setting foot on a foreign land, with a new language and different customs, climatic conditions and food. 

On top of that, international students have to navigate in a new education landscape and to master the challenges, like preparing and sitting DSH- or TestDAF Examination, Entrance Examination into Pathway Programs (Studienkolleg, also called “STK”), or Entrance Interviews at Universities, especially for TU9- and U15-Universities.  

Also, finding a proper and reasonable-priced accommodation has proven to be a difficult task. 

BSK International has streamlined the arrival process of international students recently. Ms. Zhao-Juelsch, a German citizen with more than 20 years experience in German higher education, helps students to fit in well and easy into their new lifes in Bonn, Germany.  

Thanks to the recently streamlined process, international students can now easily and quickly adopt to the new environment and concentrate on what really matters to them: Their study. 

We believe, that with the personal dedication, combined with the support and resources of BSK International and the German university and scientific landscape, each student can be formed into a successful and strong personality.

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