Study in Germany

Germany is home to over 370 Universities and Universities of Applied Science.
 “TU9-Universities” (the nine leading technical Universities) and “U15-Universities” (the 15 leading research Universities) forming alliances of world-class Universities, incl. Technical University Munich, Technical University Berlin or RWTH Aachen. 
German Universities are public institutions, with no tuition fees. 

Language skills (DSH 2 / TestDaF 4x4) are the most essential entrance requirements for international students. Additionally, a mandatory Freshmen Year (“Studienkolleg”) might be required. 

BSK International helps and ensures that international students easily can pass the language test and can fulfill all the entrance criteria into University. This language system consist of a basic German language course in the home country of the student, as well as an intensive language course in Germany. Both parts of this process will enable students to pass either DSH or Test DaF examination.  We guarantee that you get placed in at least one or more public Universities. 
Bachelor courses last for three years (6 semesters). Master courses last for two years (4 semesters). PhD-Studies may last in between 3 to 7 years. Bachelor- and Master courses can or cannot be consecutive. 

More over, a system of work and study combined, called dual-study (“Duales Studium”) leads to a skilled qualification and to an academic degree at the same time (7 semesters). 

It allows students in vocational training to learn in a company as well as study in an University. As a result, graduates will earn an academic degree (Bachelor- or Masterdegree) and a certificate from their company (employer) in the meantime. 

BSK International will make sure that international students will overcome those entrance barriers into Universities. 

We make the German education system better approachable to international students by having a special designed system in place, in where visa application, language courses, Freshmen Courses, Admission letters, etc. are solved in a one-stop solution for international students. 

Germany is a safe place. It enjoys a stable society and political system, as well as a sound legal system. It thus is highly popular among international students and is the world's third leading destination for international study students, according to OECD. 

Opinions of our students

What international students say about BSK International

“It would have never been possible without BSK International”
– Rohan Diwe from India

“BSK International was and is always helpful”
– Stephen Willy from Indonesia

„Thanks to the help from BSK International, I can enjoy my study and my life in Germany”
- Farah from Indonesia

„I have to extend gratitude to BSK International who arrange me to study”
– Wang Ziqi from China

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